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Hi there! I am Daniel Bonive, a graduate designer with over 9 years of experience as a digital animator and artist.

I am a 'Behance's Portfolio Review' award winner, 'IDEO Poster' contest and 'Awwwards' prize winner. Unlike many designers who specialize in just one area, I blend my expertise in art, animation, and design to craft impressive landing pages.

Many consider me as the 'all-in-one' professional.



1. Research

First things first, we need to understand the essence of your project. Skip the tedious meetings; our system is very efficient and designed for hassle-free and accurate communication.


With all the info in hand, we will now dig deeper. We discuss how best to showcase your product or service, ensuring it sticks out.

3. Design

Here is where the magic happens. Animations, unique illustrations and seductive scroll experiences – every element is crafted keeping your SEO in mind, ensuring you’re not just seen, but remembered.

4. Development

From a vivid prototype to a live page. We breathe life into it, ensuring it’s responsive, functional and user-friendly.

5. Delivery

And voilà! Your diamond is ready to shine, capturing the essence of your brand and dazzling your audience.


What do they say ?

"Daniel was fantastic from the beginning to the end. Our website now has a distinct personality and distinguishes us from our competitors''

James Duffy

Director / Senior Accountant


Bonive has an endless imagination. He is constantly improving his artistry and exploring new techniques and methods to create exactly what a customer wants. Thanks to his designs for the book series Terra Fabula.

Peter van Roermund

Creator of terra fabula books


Daniel was the art director of Zeniverse which he executed phenomenally well. He gave a multidimensional approach to the website creation, website animation, art interpretation, NFT designs and his semiotic approach additionally provided a lot of value to the art creation.

Benjamin Kloes

Founder of Zeniverse


Recent work


1 Artistic landing page

What's included:

5 Rounds of corrections
1 impressive Header
1 interactive scroll function
6 basic animations
3 icons
Complementary graphic elements
3 versions: desktop, tablet, phone
Graphic resumee about your project

1 Artistic landing page + simple brand

What's included:

Simple brand design (Logo, fonts, color palette, etc.)
5 Rounds of corrections
1 impressive Header
1 Idea of interaction with scroll
1 Round of total sketches
6 simple complementary animations
3 Icons
Page details
versions desktop, tablet, phone
Design summary document
All animations for promotional material


Absolutely. The express artistic pages are designed uniquely for your project. I typically utilize a combination of vector art, AI-generated images, and my own artistic modifications, ensuring each piece of art is original and created from scratch.
Adhering to the designated number of revisions, the entire process wraps up in just one week. Impressive, right? :O
Corrections are managed in rounds rather than as individual changes. This approach ensures efficiency and saves time for both parties involved.
I always aim to cater to your specific style requirements. However, if the desired style is particularly complicated, it may come with an additional cost and days.
Absolutely! We can integrate a basic branding process into your project, ensuring a consistent and appealing brand identity.
Our fast artistic web pages are not only efficient but are also tailored entirely to your project, ensuring a unique and distinctive online presence.
Do you create everything from scratch?

Absolutely. The express artistic pages are bespoke creations for your venture. My methodology involves a blend of vector art, AI-enhanced imagery, and personalized artistic nuances, assuring each piece stands as a testament to originality.

How rapid is the landing page's development?

Following the given instructions, the entire process culminates in 7 days, once I start working on your project, so secure your spot promptly to ensure a fast delivery.

How is the revision process structured?

Revisions are organized in comprehensive rounds rather than isolated tweaks, streamlining the process for more efficiency and ensuring both our times are valued.

What happens if I want a more complex page?

My landing pages have all the necessary to work as great landing pages, however If you want something more complex, I will then draw up a customized estimate and timeline for you.

I need a brand identity and a logo. Can you help me with this?

Of course! I can create a simple brand (includes a logo) for you. Scroll up to check option 2 in 'Prices' section: 1 Artistc landing page + simple brand.
Here you can check some of the logotypes I've already designed:

What makes your landing pages special?

My product is a high quality express landing page. It is beautiful, functional and fast delivered.

Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?

Given the premium quality of the work, we do not offer refunds.

I invite you to take a look at our detailed guideline of the whole process.

See guideline

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